Vietnam is one of the best Southeast Asian countries for tourism, and you can find lots of stunning landscapes, busy streets, Vietnam waterways, and the rich cultural heritage in Vietnam Travel Packages. You can also visit Lan Chau Island in Vietnam, where you can taste Vietnam's rich traditions. 

Vietnam has many waterways and canals, such as the Mekong River, Mekong Delta, Perfume River etc. Let's learn more about these rivers and canals and the localities near the waterways.

A Cruize To Mekong River 

Along the Vietnam waterways, the Mekong River is one of the most famous rivers of Vietnam. Southeast Asia's longest river, about 3000 miles, travels through six countries before entering the South China Sea. The Mekong River is also known as the "Mother of Rivers" in Southeast Asia. The Mekong River is known for its canals, surrounded by natural beauty and rich in cultural diversity. 

When you cruise through the Mekong River, you will explore the vibrant ecosystem of Vietnam's waterways. You can go through the rice paddies, observe those local fishermen throwing their nets in the water, and find those traditional wooden boats gliding with fruits and vegetables. 

Life On The Mekong Delta

While cruising, you can also observe life on the Mekong Delta. There are so many villages that can be easily accessed by boat. Here, you can learn the old fishing traditions, basket making, and weaving the net for fishing. You can also explore the markets floating on the river to find local fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs. 

Other Waterways In Vietnam

We know that the Mekong River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Southeast Asia. Still, there is another iconic river named "Perfume River," which is unique in its own way and will take you on the journey to the ancient city of Hue, the former capital of Vietnam. The boat ride on the Perfume River will offer you a panoramic view of Hue's historic landmarks, including the Thien Mu Pagoda and the Citadel. 

Water Canals in Vietnam 

Along with the rivers, Vietnam has an intricate canal network, an efficient and essential route for transportation and commercial services. The Mekong Delta is fully crossed by these canals from Vietnam Waterways. Due to this, the Mekong Delta is also known as the "Venice of the East ". While travelling through these canals, you will learn about the traditions of rural life. 

In addition to the Mekong Delta, there are other significant canal systems. In some cities like Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, and Hanoi, the water canals serve as drainage channels and control floods during rainy seasons. 

Exploring Wildlife Along The Waterways

The Vietnam waterways are also rich in ecosystem and wildlife, showing the diversity of flora and fauna. As you glide through these rivers and canals, you can observe beautiful bird species, such as kingfishers, that are nesting in mangrove forests. If you are lucky, you may see crocodiles and otters in waterways.  

Some Tips Before Cruising in Waterways

You can explore the waterways of Vietnam, from luxurious cruises on the Mekong River to short day trips on the canals of the Mekong Delta, which suit your budget and interests. Here are some basic tips that you must know before planning for Vietnam's waterway cruise. 

Look For The Right Time

Look for the proper timing and season to visit. The dry seasons, such as November to April, are considered the best season for cruising as the weather is comfortable and the water level is stable.

Choose According To Your Interest

Recall and think about what you are looking for in this cruise experience. If you are interested in exploring the culture along the waterways, choose a cruise that will take you to the local marketplaces and villages, or if you are interested in a relaxing experience, look out for those with plenty of time for onboard activities.

Pack Your Essentials

Keep your bag filled with light and comfortable clothes suitable for hot and humid weather as you travel on the cruise. Also, remember essentials such as sunscreens, hats/caps, sunglasses, and prescribed medicines during emergencies. We know that most cruises accept international currencies. Still, carrying the local currency with you when shopping in local markets is always good. 


Cruising through the Vietnam waterways is a different experience that offers a glimpse of the various cultures of Vietnam. Whether looking at the busy markets of the Mekong Delta or exploring the ancient temples on the Perfume River, you will be exploring wonders on these canals. So grab your tickets, book your cruise, and let the water current of Vietnam do its magic.