Tired of using the same craft supplies repeatedly? Use your own washi tape to add! Your crafts creations get personality, color, and texture with this tape. For both novices and professionals, we provide original custom washi tape ideas. Start rolling your dice now!

Fundamentals of Custom Washi Tape

Japanese washi masking tape has a beautiful design. It features Japanese motifs and is made of bamboo and hemp. Because of its flexibility, washi tape is used by crafters for anything from scrapbooking to home décor.

Five Clever Uses for Washi Tape

Create one-of-a-kind decorations by using personalized washi tape. You may design your own patterns or print your own images on tape with it. Ideas for homemade crafts with washi tape: Creating custom washi tape is fun and versatile. Ideas for homemade crafts with washi tape:

  • Card-making and scrapbooking.

There are many options for original washi tape crafts. Think about the following:

For every occasion, Washi Tape develops unique greeting cards.

Scrapbook layouts benefit from the use of washi tape.

Apply washi tape to your crafts for decoration.

Use your special washi tape wisely! There are many options.

  • gift wrapping

Washi tape is great if you like giving presents but hate wrapping them! This elaborate tape makes a one-of-a-kind gift wrapping in a jiffy.

Choose a design, then cut the washi tape to suit. The box's top should be evened up using tape. Next, tape or wrap the tape's end.

Make stripes or effects using many colors or patterns of washi tape. You can make flowers, ribbons, and other decorations out of washi tape. Enjoy using your creativity!

  • Wall and/or room decor

Walls and interiors may be decorated using washi tape. Ideas for homemade crafts with washi tape:

Wall art may be made using washi tape. Apply tape directly on the wall in any pattern. The tape may be used to create words and phrases as well.

washi tape-made picture frames, mirrors, and other home objects. creativity in color and pattern!

Tattoos that are just temporary may be made with washi tape. To the skin, the tape molds. They start to peel off after a few days.

Make your own wrapping paper using washi tape! The adhesive sticks to white paper in any situation.

  • You Can Make Your Own Keychains

There are many methods to make washi tape keychains. Pick the suitable washi tape first. Before making your decision, think about the washi tape's style, color, and pattern.

Once you've discovered the ideal washi tape, create something! There are several methods to make unique keychains. Apply washi tape on a key ring. This is a quick and easy way to make a chic keychain.

By utilizing washi tape, you may personalize your keychain. Your keychain is very distinctive because of this. Try out different patterns and hues until you find one you like.

No of the style, your one-of-a-kind custom keychains will be noticed. An inexpensive way to personalize your keys is using washi tape!

  • Customized Labels

Homemade goods benefit from the special touch that personal labeling provides. You may manufacture your own washi tape or use them to mark containers, jars, and presents.

Choose a typeface for labels that are customized. The printing of labels may be done using software or a template. Resize the labels on any templates you use. Labels should be cut and attached after printing.

If you're creative, you may make your own washi tape designs using labels that are unique to you. Print your design on label paper, then cut it into pieces. Trim any extra washi tape after applying the paper pieces. Use customized washi tape to add personality to your artistic pursuits!


A versatile crafting item is washi tape. Greeting cards, scrapbooks, notebooks, and other objects may all be decorated with them. Your next DIY project should be inspired by our unique washi tape applications. Whether you construct anything simple or complex, take pleasure in exploring and expressing your creativity.