Have you considered purchasing Clearwater solar panels to save on energy? You may have seen panels going up on the roofs of your neighbors and friends at an accelerated rate in the south in the last few years. There are several reasons for this rapid adoption of alternative energy systems.

Energy Savings

Like anyone who adopts alternative energy strategies, those in the South search for ways to save money every month. Reduced utility bills are a major benefit of solar systems. In many cases, you can eliminate your energy bills entirely, so you only pay for the payments. You should compare your carrying costs and loan payments to your current energy bill and your expected bill after installation to determine your savings.

Abundant Sunshine

Southern states have abundant sunshine. Many of these areas are arid climates so they don't collect significant cloud cover, making these systems even more efficient. States closer to the equator have more stable sunshine throughout the year than northern states.


The cost of solar panel systems continues to reduce. Incentives reduce this cost further. However, you also have greater access to financing which allows you to reduce your up-front costs and allowing you to immediately save on your energy bills. You can also lease the equipment rather than purchase it, which may save additional money.

Federal and State Tax Credits and Incentives

When you install solar power on your home or business, you can receive a federal income tax credit of a percentage of the cost of your panel system and its installation. For example, you may receive a credit for 30% of these costs in from 2024 through 2032. You can even deduct 30% of the cost of your battery storage and sales tax.

Your state may also offer incentives. In some cases, you may receive discounts on your state income taxes, but in states like Florida that do not have income taxes at the state level, you may receive exemptions on your sales or property taxes. Reputable solar panels Florida companies can teach you about the incentives you may receive.

Environmental Impact

More people have become concerned about climate change and the environmental impact of humans. You may be like those who want to limit their fossil fuel consumption. One way many in the South do this is by installing solar power and climate control systems on their homes. Because the sun is a fully renewable resource that does not impact the environment negatively, the solar power industry and panel system adoption keep expanding significantly year over year.

Grid Interruptions

Many southern states feel the impact of energy interruptions. In California, the months with high energy usage create brownouts and blackouts for some residents. In the southern states on the east coast, hurricanes can cause power outages that can last for days. These grid interruptions can be inconvenient and even deadly. Solar systems allow you to keep your electricity on even when the grid is down.

As you consider these reasons for solar adoption in the south, discuss additional benefits with solar installers near me.