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The Planet Free VPN is a subscription-free VPN with the best features of VPN service to offer you. Whether it be its no logging-in policy where you can use the VPN regularly as many as many times as you need or its multiple servers you can choose front to better excess websites and information from around the globe, the Free VPN of the freevpnplanet.com has it all! 

The Benefits Of Using The Planet Free VPN 

You can find the app version of the Planet Free VPN on your smartphone or any device whether it be Android Play Store, or Apple Store on your phone, tablet or PC. All you need to do is search for the Planet Free VPN on your device’s app store and press download to get your free access to the VPN.

In times like these when websites get banned in one country or another, it’s hard to access information or websites you want to browse through without feeling like you’ll be banned for it under the law. Hence why using a cost-free way to not jeopardize your position and simply select a server that can alter your IP address and offer you limitless browsing without being at risk is the option to choose. 

You can play all your favourite games and movies which might not be accessible in your location in the country. Whether you are in Afghanistan or in North Korea, the Planet Free VPN will provide you access to all the sites you need for FREE! 

Last Word 

With this level of anonymity and security, you have no fear to venture on and use banned sites which might be important to you. It works on all browsing platforms like Chrome, Firefox or any private one you might have based on your device. 

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