Sociology optional is one of the top choices of candidates appearing for the IAS exam. When it comes to optional subjects for UPSC, candidates tend to pick the ones with the easiest syllabus. The core subjects in the UPSC exam have a heavy syllabus that takes a lot of time to cover. Therefore, balancing it with an optional subject with a light syllabus is the right choice.

Sociology optional is a popular choice for UPSC because its topics are easy to comprehend. Some successful UPSC candidates also say that Sociology is easy to score in. Moreover, the UPSC Sociology Syllabus is short, making it the easiest to cover.

Is Sociology a Good Optional?

Sociology optional is considered to be the ideal subject by many UPSC candidates. It has a short syllabus that is quick to cover and since the subject covers human life and society, it is fairly easy to understand. However, the subject is completely theoretical and some candidates might find it boring to read.

Different people may have different opinions on Sociology as an ideal optional subject for the IAS Exam. It depends on many factors, such as the educational background of the candidate, etc. Find whether Sociology is a good optional subject for you or not below.

Pros and Cons of Sociology as Optional for UPSC

Like all other optional subjects for UPSC, Sociology also has its benefits and drawbacks. Sociology is a top choice among UPSC aspirants but that does not automatically makes the subject the ideal choice for every candidate.

It is essential to go through the pros and cons of the subject to determine whether Sociology is a good optional or not. We have shared some of the pros and cons of Sociology for UPSC in the table below.

Pros of Choosing Sociology Optional

Cons of Choosing Sociology Optional

Sociology Optional has a shorter syllabus.

The subject is excessively theoretical.

The subject deals with human society and the topics are easy to understand.

Sociology can be a dull subject for some people.

Since the subject is easy to learn, it is also easy to score marks in.

Scoring good marks in Sociology requires good writing skills as the answers are subjective.

There is an overlap of topics in Sociology optional and other subjects in UPSC.

The subject demands a thorough understanding of concepts.

Who Should Choose Sociology Optional for UPSC?

Sociology might be a good optional subject for some but the wrong choice for others. Although the subject is easy to learn and has a shorter syllabus, the fact that it is completely theory-based makes it intimidating for many candidates.

There are many factors that determine whether Sociology is a good optional subject for a candidate or not. Some of these factors are based on the candidate’s own unique qualities and skills. Find out who should choose Sociology optional for UPSC here.

  • Interest in Theory: If the candidate enjoys studying theoretical subjects, Sociology optional might be the right choice for them.
  • Understanding of Human Society: The candidate needs to have a good understanding of human society in order to learn Sociology. A basic understanding of sociological concepts might help in learning.
  • Good Writing Skills: One of the reasons why Sociology is a good choice for UPSC is that this subject involves writing subjective answers. A candidate with good writing skills will be able to perform better in this subject.
  • Lack of Time: Candidates who do not have much time to cover the UPSC syllabus might benefit from choosing Sociology optional. This is because the UPSC sociology syllabus is much shorter than other optional subjects.