Recently, we've had the chance to add a touch of romance to our decor with the Enchanted Rose by qooarker. Inspired by the classic tale of "Beauty and the Beast," this rose emits a cozy, warm glow that can light up any room, casting a charming atmosphere that's hard to ignore. Placed inside a high borosilicate glass dome, the artificial silk rose is adorned with tiny LED lights that gracefully highlight its beauty and the scattered petals below.

Beyond its visual appeal, what stands out is the practicality of this piece. There's no complicated setup; it's ready to display right out of the box, only requiring three AAA batteries to work its magic. While the batteries aren't included, this gives you the flexibility to use rechargeable ones if you prefer. The LED dome cover is not only safer but also resists discoloration, making it a lasting addition to any space.

Bottom Line

This Enchanted Rose is a delightful find for both fans of the tale and those looking to infuse their homes with a bit of enchantment.

It's a versatile piece that sparks conversations and is perfect for different occasions—from celebrations to everyday home decor.

Grab your Enchanted Rose here and let its magic inspire your space.

Overview of the Enchanted Beauty and The Beast Rose

We found that our living spaces were brightened up with the Enchanted Rose—a charming representation of the classic fairytale token. Its LED lights, skillfully placed among the petals and base, cast warm glows fit for creating a cozy and romantic ambiance. The quality of the high borosilicate glass dome impressed us, resisting yellowing and making cleaning a breeze.

Our experience points to its appeal as a wonderful gift, resonating with fans of romance and fairytales, and doubling as an eye-catching centerpiece. The fact that no assembly is required was a bonus for us; we could enjoy the Rose's beauty right out of the box, though keep in mind you need to have three AAA batteries on hand since they are not included.

While it's not a real flower, and some may seek authenticity, we acknowledge its durability as a decorative piece. Its wood base lends a natural touch to the assembly, though the fixed glass dome might limit customization or interaction with the rose. Despite the minor drawbacks, the rose was a lovely addition to our surroundings, symbolizing everlasting love with a modern twist.

Symbolism of the Rose in Love and Romance

From our experience, the qooarker brand's Beauty and The Beast Rose serves as a timeless emblem of affection and endearment. With its red silk petals and warm, inviting glow, this piece artfully captures the essence of romance that the rose traditionally symbolizes. In love and romance, the rose has always been a powerful symbol, representing deep love, passion, and devotion. The fact that this product incorporates LED lights to illuminate the rose from within speaks to the enduring and luminous nature of these emotions.

When we placed this rose in our living space, the ambiance transformed entirely. The light shining through the high borosilicate glass dome creates a dreamy atmosphere, reminiscent of enchanted fairytales, where love is the central theme. The fallen petals at the base of the dome add a touch of delicate realism, hinting at the beauty and transient nature of love itself.

While perfect as a gift, we also find it could act as an elegant centerpiece that continuously reminds us of the tenderness and beauty of love. Its craftsmanship and thoughtful design honor the deep connection and timeless nature of romance. It's not just an item placed in a room; it's a conversational piece that radiates the warmth of affection.

LED Illumination

In our experience with this qooarker rose, we've found its LED lighting to be one of its standout features. Despite not being the star of the show, it's what brings the entire piece to life, especially come nighttime. There's something truly magical about how the LED lights softly illuminate the red silk rose and fallen petals within the glass dome. It's not glaringly bright, which is a relief, since overly intense LEDs can sometimes cheapen the look of decorative items.

On the flip side, the light source is subtle enough to accentuate the rose's detail without overpowering it. This creates a warm and inviting ambiance in any room, perfect for romantic evenings or softening the space during a party. And since it's battery-powered, placement can be versatile, without the need for a nearby outlet. The option to power it through USB is also convenient for those who prefer a continuous power supply without the periodic need to change batteries.

Finding a balance between aesthetic appeal and functional illumination can be tricky, but with this product, we feel qooarker has nailed it. The LED feature is simple, elegant, and does exactly what it needs to do without overstepping.

Premium Materials and Craftsmanship

We often judge the caliber of a product by the materials used and the attention to detail in its construction. The qooarker rose makes a strong case for itself with its use of high borosilicate glass. This material isn't just about looks; it's robust and offers clear visibility, enhancing the rose's charm. The petals are made from artificial silk, striking a balance between durability and delicacy. They're interwoven with LED lights that cast a warm glow, perfectly mimicking the enchanting atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Walking past this display, it's easy to appreciate the craftsmanship. The wooden base is made of pine, which feels sturdy—there are no signs of hasty work here. While some may find the need to supply their own AAA batteries a minor inconvenience, it's a small compromise for the convenience of not having to deal with cords or finding an outlet.

It's clear this product has been crafted with care, and while not without its small drawbacks, such as the limited light provided by the LED compared to traditional light sources, it's a thoughtful balance of form and function. What stands out is the level of detail that goes into making the rose a realistic yet long-lasting ornament—a piece that could easily spark conversations.

Versatility as Decor and Gift

As we consider the qooarker Beauty and he Beast Rose, its potential as both home decor and a thoughtful gift immediately stands out. With its warm, white LED lights enhancing the petals and the fallen petals resting at the base, this piece brings a romantic ambiance that can elevate the charm of any room. The quality of the high borosilicate glass dome, paired with the lifelike silk rose, adds a touch of elegance whether placed as a centerpiece or accent in a cozy corner.

Though batteries aren't included, once equipped, the ease of operation and the glow radiating from the LED lights create a welcoming atmosphere. It captures the magical essence of the beloved tale, making it a fitting gift for fans of the story or as a symbol of affection for special occasions. The artificial nature of the rose also means there's no maintenance, which is a major plus for us who prefer decoration without the upkeep.

From our experience, the rose serves as an eye-catching decoration during dinners or parties and its durability suggests it could be a lasting keepsake. It's a lovely choice for those looking for a unique way to say 'I love you,' celebrate an anniversary, or even as a novel housewarming gift. However, it is important to note the need for batteries, which requires a small additional purchase to ensure the light feature can be used right away.

Pros and Cons

Having spent some time with the qooarker Enchanted Red Silk Rose, we've found quite a bit to appreciate about this charming home decor. However, as with most products, there are areas where it doesn't quite hit the mark. Below is a summary of our findings.


Aesthetic Appeal: This rose creates a magical atmosphere reminiscent of 'Beauty and The Beast'. The embedded tiny LED lights within the petals cast a warm glow, enhancing the ambiance of any room.

Symbolic Value: Ideal for those who value symbolism in gifts, the rose represents love and could serve as a thoughtful gesture for special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day.

Ease of Display: It arrives fully assembled and is ready for immediate display. Just insert batteries, and it's set to become a centerpiece or accent decoration.

Safety of Material: Unlike glass, the dome is made from a material that resists yellowing and is easier to clean while allowing the light to shine brilliantly.

No-fuss Setup: The product comes ready-to-use from the box, requiring only batteries, which lets you or the recipient enjoy it without any hassle.


Batteries Not Included: Requires 3 AAA batteries for operation which are not provided, necessitating an extra step before use.

Permanently Sealed Unit: The vase is glued shut, which may disappoint those who'd like to customize or touch the rose.

Overabundance of Petals: Although the fallen petals add to the authenticity, some may find the quantity excessive, and it could detract from the rose's overall beauty.

Non-Natural Appearance: While quaint, the rose is not real and might not meet the expectations of those seeking a lifelike floral arrangement. This aspect might be apparent in particular lighting situations.

Value Perception: Given the intricacy and concept, it may not align with everyone's perceived value, particularly if seeking a practical gift.

In our hands-on time, we noted these points as the most relevant to anyone considering this item. Its captivation as a decorative piece does indeed make it a highlight in a room, yet one should consider the practical aspects such as the need for batteries and the fact that it's not a living flower.

Customer Reviews

From our experience, the qooarker rose serves as more than just a charming housewarming present. We've seen it fit seamlessly into romantic occasions like wedding anniversaries. The rose itself is eye-catching, with its vibrant red color and the warm glow of the LED light adding a cozy ambiance whether placed on a coffee table or a nightstand.

But it's not without its limitations. For those preferring authenticity, it's important to know that the rose is not a living plant; the silk nature might be off-putting to some. Additionally, we've found that the glass dome adheres to the base, which may frustrate those who'd like to alter the arrangement.

The beauty of this rose doesn't just resonate with adults; it has caught the eyes of children as well. It's simple to set up and use right out of the box, which makes it an instant favorite. However, we did notice comments about an excess of fallen petals that could detract from the design for some tastes.

In general, customers rave about how lovely it looks and the joy it brings as a gift, especially for those who treasure the "Beauty and the Beast" theme. Although there are a few concerns regarding the quantity of petals and the non-removable dome, the consensus around the qooarker rose is significantly positive.


After spending time with the enchanted rose from Qooarker, we've gathered a well-rounded opinion. This glass-encased, red silk rose makes for a charming addition to any room with its LED lighting creating a warm atmosphere, evoking the magic of the cherished tale. Its appeal as a thoughtful gift has been echoed in feedback from purchasers who highlight the bright smiles of loved ones receiving this unique item. Occasional critiques focus on the fixed glass dome and the overly generous scattering of petals at the base, yet these are minor compared to the overall satisfaction expressed. While the artificial nature of the rose may not align with everyone's preferences, its craftsmanship and fairy-tale essence have undoubtedly captured hearts. Whether gracing a nightstand or enhancing a themed party, the Qooarker rose stands out as a delightful decorative piece and a testamentto the timelessness of "Beauty and the Beast".