If this is your first time fighting for child custody, it can be a very frustrating and confusing battle.

There are a lot of legal terms that most people would not fully know about. Fighting for child custody starts with understanding the different types of custody arrangements there are and talking to an experienced child custody lawyer.

If you are fighting for custody of your minor children, you can speak to lawyers from Karp & Iancu, S.C. to learn more about your steps. 

What is child custody? 

Child custody is a legal term. It refers to which parent receives the legal rights to make decisions for the children and to take physical and legal responsibility for them.

Child custody only applies to minor children who are under 18. 

What are the different types of child custody arrangements?

The different types of child custody arrangements are: 

Sole physical custody 

This custody parent gets to live with the child physically. In sole physical custody, the child mainly lives with one parent, the ‘custodial’ parent.

The other parent who does not have physical custody will be known as the ‘non-custodial’ parent. This parent usually gets visitation rights unless there are some extreme circumstances.

Sole custody is usually preferred as it does not disrupt the child's routine too much, and the court’s priority is ensuring the child's well-being. 

Joint physical custody 

It is another type of physical custody in which the child spends time with both.

This may seem like a fair deal to the parents, but it is not very beneficial for the child as they need to keep moving between parents. 

Legal custody 

Physical custody is where the child physically lives, and legal custody refers to who has the right to decide for the child.

These decisions can include things such as where the child goes to school, what religious or spiritual beliefs they have, their healthcare, what kind of things they participate in, etc.

Only one parent can make these decisions in sole legal custody. However, in the joint legal custody arrangement, both parents have equal rights in making decisions for the child. 

Are you fighting for custody of your minor children? 

If you are fighting a child custody battle, it can be very exhausting and overwhelming to deal with it alone. Get in touch with an experienced child custody attorney to ensure you get the right help.