Surgery doesn't just change the face.

Cosmetic surgery isn't just for celebrities.

But it is the power to cross over the inferiority complex for many people.

It is the driving force that makes life better.

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Surgery is surgery to correct, restore, or change any part of the body.

whether it's face or body with the aim of improving beauty and better quality of life

Surgery is a way to build confidence and overcome inferiority complexes.

Help the patient to have a better mental state. Be optimistic and love yourself.

Not many people have to suffer because of appearance problems.

which makes it difficult to socialize for them. Surgery is therefore considered a "cure".

Honest confession from girls beautiful with surgery

- For me, plastic surgery is the biggest challenge.

In addition to correcting the image of the face that used to be an inferiority complex all his life.

My eyes and nose are also prettier. This is a great gift for me.

Surgery doesn't just change the face.

But it also helped cure my hatred of photography.

- Before liposuction, I couldn't find any clothes that would fit.

When you go shopping for clothes, you will only see the words "the biggest

Just a size M." I felt like I was rejected by the whole world.

But now it's not like that anymore. I like to go to the mall.

Fun like a fish meets water and also likes to wear short skirts often Even though I told myself that I would never wear a skirt again after graduating from high school.

My father was shocked and said, "Aren't you going to wear short skirts like other kids now?" It's not that I don't want to. but I can't wear it differently.

I've always wanted to wear short skirts. Now I'm taking full care of my health and body shape.

Liposuction is a great opportunity for life.

- After breast augmentation

 surgery The dream that I once envisioned finally came true. I'm wearing a bikini sunbathing at the beach.

Dare to take a swimming lesson at a pool that I never thought of stepping on when I didn't have plastic surgery. When I talk about "swimming pool", I only have embarrassing memories that I want to erase. But now it's in the past. Somebody said I'd change to Look younger and brighter, which is true. I used to have inferiority complexes in small breasts and let time pass into old age.

I have more courage now. Confidence and enthusiasm are big changes. This changed my behavior.

Although at first I was afraid of breast augmentation surgery. But if I didn't decide to do it then would never be as happy as this time

- I used to hate taking pictures, but now I really like taking selfies.

Because the big cheekbones are gone, no matter what angle you take, you're beautiful. No one says "face like a man" or called "Grandma Na Hoo". Again, my image has changed a lot. much more than before surgery

- I used to be afraid of meeting people, trying to avoid going to crowded places. I was insecure and cowardly.

Doing something awkward 'Cause everyone is staring at my chin Now I can change 360 ​​degrees.

I can get along with my friends. When I have free time, I like to go out. All of this was like a dream! If I knew that jaw surgery would fix my protruding chin, I would have done it a long time ago. After fixing his chin, his life changed too.

I'm not ashamed of my face any more. Parents who secretly cry because they see their child in pain are also happy. I want you guys to see

- Even the fans who used to forbid them to do it still like it because I look prettier. The effect of fat grafting is very good. Both cheeks and forehead plump upwards.

I was very satisfied before the surgery, my face became dry with age. The mood fluctuated, but when it got more beautiful, the mood that used to be gloomy became bright like the sky after the rain. I'm very pleased to see five years younger.

- Before, I had to put on full makeup to make my puffy eyes and flat nose look sharper. It takes longer to put on makeup than others.

Time to prepare for work is a waste of time. After eye and nose surgery Even without makeup, it doesn't look as bad as before.

Just apply moisturizer, sunscreen and BB cream, and my face looks beautiful. Every day, I am very happy. I've never loved myself this much before.

- I had jaw surgery. And do the eyes and nose as well. My appearance has changed, the way other people treat me has also changed.

In the past, I might not look good, people tended to avoid me. When I went to a restaurant, I was always greeted with a cold, even though I smiled first. But there was no response back. My face probably looks like I'm forced to smile, so I'm always misunderstood by other people. But now I'm confident in my smile. If I don't decide to do the surgery, I'm going to regret it.

Because it does not only change the face. But my life has changed too.

- I used to have a protruding chin and a long face. I've never been confident in my face.

I hate taking pictures because they're not pretty. and will always try to hide behind time to take pictures. Pages will look smaller. But now you don't have to do that. When taking pictures, I always present myself to the front. because the face is much smaller.

The most common hairstyle is to gather the hair open to the forehead. to pick me up But the face is still beautiful.

I have a boyfriend after not dating anyone for a long time. Does plastic surgery really make you smile more?