Miraflores is a dynamic and cosmopolitan Lima neighbourhood noted for its gorgeous parks, luxury shops, and vibrant nightlife. Miraflores, located on the coast, offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and is a favorite destination for both tourists and locals.

The "El Malecón" boardwalk, which spans along the coast for nearly six miles and gives beautiful views of the ocean, is one of Miraflores' greatest attractions. Beautiful parks, restaurants, and cafes can be found along the boardwalk, as well as a variety of outdoor sports such as paragliding and surfing.

Another must-see attraction in Miraflores is the "Huaca Pucllana," a 400-year-old pre-Incan pyramid. This ancient site, located in the district's centre, provides a glimpse into Peru's rich history and culture.

Aside from the attractions, Miraflores has a wide range of dining and shopping options, including sophisticated restaurants and designer stores as well as local markets and street vendors. Miraflores provides something for everyone, whether you like traditional Peruvian cuisine or cosmopolitan dining.

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